Enjoy the benefits of drinking fresh Coconut water directly from the source!

Why drink a natural product from a plastic container? Enjoy the theatre of having your fresh coconut prepared as you order at any of our events!

girl on beach

Enjoy our coconut journey!

Enjoy our coconut journey: Part one: Watch as we pinch a hole into the top of your freshly chilled coconut. Whilst you wander around the event sipping away at your naturally sweetened coconut water, you are careful not to forget our location as stranger after stranger approaches you politely asking as to whereabouts of the source. Part two: Upon realising all… Read more →


Benefits of Fresh Coconut Water

If we were to type out all the benefits that are yielded from a google search we would be here for ever. So we simply CTRL C = One of many website containing fancy words and sales pitches CTRL V= 1. Aids in Weight-loss Efforts. The fat content in coconut water is extremely low, so generous quantities can be consumed… Read more →